Emperor penguin lives in Antarctica they eat fish,krill and squid.The colours of  an Emperor penguin is yellow white and black Emperor penguins can weight up to 45 kilograms and grow to a height of 11 centimetres.

The main resson why Emperor penguins migrate is to get food for their babies. The parents move in land to have  their babies. The mother penguin will fills up her stomach with fish, krill and squid to feed their baby and father. When the female arives  it is thenthe male turn to search for food.

Emperor penguins are like torpedos in water but out of water they are not very good walkers they are verey slow. Emperor pengins have found ways to move across the ice. The slide on their stomach and toboggan down the hills to cover up to 80km across the Antartic for their food.

Emperor pengins has many challenges when raising ther young. When their baby are young the have to look out for southern perel who likes to eat them. When the emperor penguins are fishing they have  to look out for their predators of the sea such as lepord seal, orcas. As they like Emperor penguins for lunch.

Emperor penguin migrate to have their baby chicks. They travel great distances well sliding on their stomach and Toboggan to get food for their baby chicks. They adults take turns at traveling across the Antartic ice to reach the ocean where the fish are, When their stomach are full they return to their babies to feed them. by faithleen. 😉



2 thoughts on “EMPEROR PENGUINS

  1. Wow, Faithleen! You have found out so much information about why penguins migrate. Fantastic effort. I look forward to reading more of your great writing! – Mr W

    • You do need to edit your writing though. Remember to leave a space after commas and fullstops. I like the way you described Emperor Penguins as torpedoes in water.

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